Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All about Teenage Acne

Basics of Teenage Acne

Once you hit puberty, your body will start to mature and the physical changes come at a price. Here is what I mean; most girls / boys will get pimples around this time. There are lots of hormones in your body and your skin tends to get oilier. With more sebum production, it will clog pores, attract bacteria, get inflamed and different types of acne develop under the skin.

Most teenage acne tends to be on the forehead, t-zone and nose. These places get very oily around puberty which is the perfect opportunity for acne to develop. Some people will get small whiteheads whereas others get big inflamed red pimple. The good thing about teenage acne is that it will mostly disappear before you hit twenty.

Teenage acne treatment methods

Most teenage acne tends to be not very severe (whiteheads, a few papules and pustules). Thus it is relatively easy to deal with. Most will respond to over-the-counter treatments such as acne face wash. The face wash will unclog pores, get rid of dirt / sebum trapped inside the skin and prevent acne from forming. There might be some acne that develops even with an effective face wash. In that case, some over-the-counter Benzoyl Peroxide cream is good for making pimples disappear faster.

Because of the nature of teenage acne, it is good for you to seek effective oil / sebum control. Fortunately, a lot of acne products on the market are created for teenage acne treatments. Neutrogena is a very good and cheap skin care brand to use for teenage acne.

There are bigger pimples that are inflamed and take a longer time to heal for teenage pimples. Depending on the severity and amount of acne that you are getting, it might need prescription medicine that only a dermatologist can get for you. Fortunately, teenage acne will not stick around for a long time.

What’s not teenage acne?

A lot of people confuse their acne with teenage acne. If you have acne on the cheeks, lower cheeks, chin and lower part of your face, it is adult acne not teenage acne. Because of the location on the face, adult acne tends to scar easier than teenage ones. When you are in your mid twenties, acne on your face is definitely adult acne. Adult acne has so many possible causes and is very hard to completely get rid of it if you don’t know what’s causing them. I will describe some possible causes and treatments for adult acne in future posts. Some woman gets 1 or more acne during the week prior to their period, these are hormonal acne that will not go away with teenage acne skin care products.