Thursday, April 22, 2010

What is your skin type?

There are 4 different types of skin that people have. Why is it important to know your skin type? It is because some skin types are closely related to acne and knowing how to properly take care of your skin is one of the first steps to eliminate acne. Skin is the largest organ and people see it when they first meet you. It is also an indicator of age.

Dry skin:

Dry skin type is not problematic for acne because very little sebum production on the face is not enough to clog pores and won’t attract bacteria. Those with dry skin usually do not have acne problems; but it does have its share of problems. Because of very little sebum production, fine lines / wrinkles can easily develop even in your mid 20’s. It is important to compensate for this problem by using skin care products that add or lock in moisture for your skin.

Key identifying characteristic for dry skin:
- visible dry surface
- very small pores
- tends to be red in the cheeks
- absorb moisturizers quickly
- do not tend to get acne
- has more fine lines / wrinkles than other skin types if not taken care of properly.

Normal skin:

Those that have normal skin type are very lucky. This is the ideal skin type that has very little problems. Let me explain. Because sebum production is normal (not dry or oily), you do not tend to get acne or wrinkles.

Key identifying characteristic for normal skin:
- small pores
- do not tend to get acne
- do not tend to get a lot of wrinkles
- there is the “right” amount of sebum production in the skin

Combination skin:

Those with combination skin are oily at the t-tone areas / forehead and dry on the cheeks. This combination makes these people prone at breakouts where there is lots of oil. These area have bigger pores compared to the cheeks. Those with combination skin should care for the oily part using methods for oily skin. They should find a good moisturizer for the dry parts: cheeks. Mostly speaking, those with combination skin are very similar to oily skin. Pimples occur frequently.

Key identifying characteristic for combination skin:

- very oily t-zone compared to other parts of the face
- dry cheeks
- big pores
- lots of blackheads on the nose
- prone to acne flare ups
- do not tend to get wrinkles at a young age

Oily skin:

Those with oily skin hate their skin because it produces lots of oil constantly. Some people’s skin produces so much oil that in one hour after they wash it, the skin produces a visible layer of oil. It is very hard to deal with because of the appearance and constant breakout that it causes. Pimples occur frequently. Not all is bad about oily skin; those with oily skin do not tend to get wrinkles even later in life. Oily skin will become more manageable with age because the skin tends to produce less oil when you are older.

Key identifying characteristic for oily skin:
- face gets very oily in a short time after they wash it
- big pores
- lots of blackheads on the nose
- prone to acne flare ups
- do not get wrinkles at a young age