Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acne Treatments Review

Over the years, I have tried quite a few acne treatments. So, I have decided to write a comprehensive list of everything that is available to acne treatments. I will then try to give you my opinions on how it works, estimate percentage of people that it actually works, cost, difficulties in obtaining it and all other information that I can think of. Again, I am not an medical expert on any of this. I am simply giving you my personal experiences and what I have seen with others. And I am quite observant of my surroundings.

Neutrogena (OTC) - This is one of the best OTC cosmetic / skin care brand that I absolutely trust. I have been using their products for years.

Biore pore strips (OTC) - Seems to work at first, but your blackheads will come back. Causes irritation for some people with very sensitive skin. Overall, not recommended.

Proactiv (OTC) - Only works for some, but all. Expensive treatment that uses benzoyl peroxide. You can actually buy benzoyl peroxide of different strength at the store.

Murad (OTC) - Uses salicylic acid as their main ingredient for acne treatment. Those that tend to have irritations with the use of salicylic acid should not even give this a try.

Birth control pill (prescription) - tend to work extremely well for some. Those that have acne on the cheeks and chin right before their period will benefit a lot from the right kind of Birth control pills. See my review on my experience with birth control pill.

Accutane (prescription) - extremely effective for the most difficult to treat acne. Last defense against acne and very hard for the dermatologist to give you a prescription. Last chance for those that exhausted all the options.

Antibiotics (many different kinds, prescription) - tend to work at first and with long term use, effectiveness will go down. Bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotic.

Benzoyl Peroxide (OTC) - works wonders for a lot of people that are tolerate of that stuff on the face. For those with sensitive skin, this will only irritate your skin even more.

Benzoyl Peroxide / cladmyin phosphate (prescription) - very effective combo gel, however will only benefit you when you don't have irritations with benzoyl peroxide. Most doctors can prescribe this one for you.

retin A (prescription) - Effective for a lot of person. Has to be used constantly, everyday to begin to achieve results in a week or even longer. Acne may get worse before it gets better. Your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun. So make sure you stay out of the sun and use a very good sun screen. My sunscreen is in my makeup so that I don't have to put any greasy sunscreen on my skin.

Topical antibiotics (prescription) - somewhat effective. Although, exactly how effective is hard to measure. I don't see the acne lesion getting better or worse. It just seems to be under control somewhat.